Basketball Classes for Schools

Having conducted basketball classes during and after school hours in various schools throughout North Dublin since 2006.


We have abundant experience working with children in preschool to 6th class children. St. John Bosco’s, St. Columbus NS, St. Bridgets GNS, Corpus Christi GNS, St. Pat’s of Drumcondra are among the many schools where we have coached basketball in.


Based on the age group and the number of pupils, each class can range from 25-35 minutes.


Classes are structured to engage each child ensuring that the skills taught are age appropriate, whether the classes are junior infants or 6th class or anywhere in-between. 


Our success over the years is evident in the number of children who have in turn joined TR Academy after school basketball classes.


Furthermore several testimonials from the principals of the schools where TR Academy can attest to our success. Children are further enriched by these classes building on physical and social emotional strengths.