Camps Faq

The camp is open to children aged 3-13, provided the child is fully toilet trained.

We are located in Beneavin De La Salle College, on Beneavin Road in Finglas East. Please follow the google map location linked here. We have been at this location for 15 years now with great facilities which are fully enclosed with upgrades to the venue on a continual basis.

Camp opens at 08:30, registration is open until 09:00 am every morning for the full day attendees. For the half day option campers, registration is 10:30-11:00.

We are Multi-Sports and Activities camp. As the name suggests we do a variety of sports and activities. We play Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Hockey, Handball and Rounder’s to name a few of the sports we play. Activities include, Magic Shows, Go Karting, Archery, Crazy Golf, Parachute Games, Tie Dye, Tug of War, Dodge Ball, Colouring, Orienteering, Bull Dog & Road Kill to name a few.

We try to be outdoors as much as possible, provided the weather is cooperating with us! In the event of rain, we have access to 2 large sports halls, a number of classrooms to run our activities.

If your child is sick prior to the week starting, you can defer the week to another week or we can refund the amount,  provided it is within the cancellation period. Please note, if there are discounts applied (i.e. siblings discount) it will be taken into account before being refunded.

We do indeed, please see our prices page for detailed information regarding discounts you might be eligible for.

Food is not provided by the camp, each child is expected to bring their own food and liquids. There are water fountains throughout the facilities to refill their water throughout the day.

We definitely play basketball at the camp, but that’s not the only activity we do at camp. If your child is interested in playing basketball, best to contact us through the contact us page by clicking here, or alternatively check out our basketball class schedule etc by clicking here.

Yes no problem at all, provided they are fully registered and paid for. In the event they are going home by themselves, I will need a text or email in advance on what days they are allowed to go home. Please be specific and include all names. Each child’s family must make contact before they will be allowed to go home on their own. Please bear in mind, this is for everyone’s safety that we ensure that kids are not leaving the premises unbeknown to their parents/guardians. Please note, hand written notes will not be accepted.

All campers with food allergies are required to provide an Emergency Action Plan related to their specific medical needs. We do not ask campers to avoid brining in any particular foods at camp.

Appropriate clothing & footwear is very important, shorts, track pants, leggings with a T-Shirt, jumper etc are ideal. Please avoid boots, dress up clothing, flip flops, dress shoes etc as they inhibit a child’s ability to keep active and often lack the necessary grip & support that’s needed during most activities.

Yes absolutely, we aim to be as flexible as possible to allow for the ever changing needs of all parents. We offer daily rate options, please see our prices page for full details.

With the amount of space we have available on our premises we rarely sell out our spots. We do daily rates and walk up during non Covid times.

All our head coaches are fully Garda vetted as is required for any adults working with underage children and renewed regularly.

Children aged 5 & under do activities as a group with their coach or coaches. All others are divided up based on age. We strive to keep friends with each other as much as possible, at the same time encouraging them to try to mix with others in the camp they may develop friendships with.