Halloween Camps

Halloween  Camp 2022, Tues, Nov 1st – Fri, Nov 4th.


We always dress up and give out sweets on the last day of the camp.

The camp consists of a variety of activities, including, but not limited to Orienteering, Dodgeball, Nerf, Magician, Crossbow Archery, Basketball, Olympic Handball, Uni-Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, and Soccer. Most of the camp takes place between our 2 sports halls, 5 of the classrooms at our disposal, full sized outdoor pitch or the tarmacked outdoor surface.


Our daily rates are a great option for the families who might be going away for the long weekend etc. Plus you can take advantage of our late finish times (15:30) depending on your own needs.


Our competitively priced weekly rates are always an option, with the early morning drop off option from 8:30 any of the mornings that camp is running.We also have the mid morning option (10:30 start) for those with a bit more flexibility to their days. The camp is open to children age 3-13, provided the child is fully toilet trained.

Halloween Camp (Tue, Nov 1st-Fri, Nov 4th)