Feb Mid Termp Camp Prices & Schedule

Camp Times: 8:30-15:30 (full day) or 10:30-15:30 (half day).


We have great flexibility with our camps to cater to parents who need an early start for a full working day (08:30-15:30) or for those who might need a shorter day (10:30-15:30). Camp is open to children aged 3-13, provided the child is fully toilet trained.


If flexibility is what you’re after, don’t forget about our daily rates options! You can select full day or half day to suit your needs!

Mid Term Camp Prices

February 15 & 16thth (08:30-15:30) February 15th & 16thth (10:30-15:30)
€55 - 1 Child*
€47 - 1 Child*
€100 - 2 Children*
€90 - 2 Children*
€120 - 3 Children*
€100 - 3 Children*

*Discounts only available if all the children are attending, the same camp the same week, i.e 2 kids should both be doing full days to avail of any family discounts. Discounts are only available if all the kids are in the same family (siblings only, no extended family discounts afforded)

1 Child from family
2 Children from the same family
3 Children from the same family

Daily Rates

Daily Rates Prices Book
+Full Day (08:30-15:30)
+Half Day (10:30-15:30)

+No discounts available on the daily rates option. Please only use this if you're not sending your child for the full week of the camp and wish to send your child in for part of the week we're open.

Full / Half Day Camp

Registration 8:30-9:00 | 10:30-11:00

What to Do and Bring!

What Not to Do or Bring!

Choose How Many Children

1 - Child

2 - Children

3 - Children