Why Basketball?

Lots of reasons to be honest, but let’s start with the most obvious! When was the last 2 week period where it didn’t rain for at least a couple of hours?! If you’re having to think about it for more than a minute, you have the simplest answer as to “Why Basketball?”


Basketball is the most popular indoor sport in the world, and with the so much unpredictability of the Irish weather, basketball is a great team game for both boys and girls alike!


Let’s dig a little deeper to see the many benefits of playing basketball!

A team sport such as basketball gives children a great opportunity to meet new kids, outside their normal school and neighbourhood friends. Often these relationships built early in their childhood lead to a lifetime of friendships.

Getting your child involved in basketball at a young age will not only help encourage physical activity, but can also serves as a foundation for staying active for a lifetime. Basketball is often an activity that can be picked up as early as their preschool years, as many have with TR Academy. During their 3rd or 4th class years, they are eligible to play on club teams which allows them to compete against other teams in Dublin. Playing on a team is a great motivator for many, which further boosts their desire to stay active.

According to the EMA it is recommended that children aged 6-18 should get 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily. With various options for basketball classes with TR Academy, playing basketball will allow kids to incorporate regular physical activity into their daily routine with their regular TR Academy classes.

The psychological benefits of sports, team sports like basketball in particular, have been well documented over the years. Aside from the obvious opportunity for you children to make new friends, playing basketball will teach, from a young age, them discipline, work ethic, working with others.


Team sports can help teach a child communication skills, which of course is a lifelong skill.


To learn more about the benefits of basketball, why not try our one of our after school basketball classes, through our Contact Us page.